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Our greatest asset is experienced staff. It is the professionals working for us who help us create such an interesting and diverse offer – a wide range of production services and a wide range of activities. Thanks to them, we can be a reliable supplier in the private-label system. Advanced IT systems, queuing orders, quality control at every stage of production, semi-automatic packaging – this is a guarantee of good and lasting cooperation. We invite you to entrust us with orders for comprehensive implementation. We will take care of them, and you will be able to spend more time on ideas, sales and marketing.

[ HP Ecological Printing ]

HP Latex 1500

The HP Latex 1500 is a fast CMYK printer with a maximum print width of 3.2 meters. Its ecological technology ensures consistent high-quality output every time. The machine’s working width allows for a fast printout by using two rolls of material simultaneously.

[ ecological printing with white color ]

HP Latex 800 W

HP Latex 800 device creates possibilities of CMYK and white printout, which enables to obtain high quality and custom effects, e.g printing with a white pigment on dark materials or selective underprint on transparent foils. Additionally, the white color allows for enhancing the clarity of the colors. Really interesting effects can be obtained by using metallized materials such as foils or wallpapers in gold, silver, or copper.

[ UVgel printing MAT / Shine finishing ]

Océ Colorado 1650

Océ Colorado 1650 enables quick printing of materials such as foils, wallpapers, or poster papers. This device allows for CMYK printing, with both ma􀆳e and glossy finishes, depending on the desired final effect. UV gel printing is characterized by its incredible resistance. Two types of finishing options allow for a selective varnish effect.

[ UVgel shine finishing ]

Océ Colorado 1640

Océ Colorado 1640 allows for quick printout on materials such as: wallpapers or poster papers. Printout is realized in the glossy aspect, which creates an interesting effect while combined with a proper material e.g structural. UV GEL printout 1640 is characterized by magnificant resistance to mechanical damages.


HandTop HT3020UV

The HANDTOP HT3020UV enables high-quality CMYK printouts on hard surfaces with a format up to 205x305cm and a printing speed up to 48 m2/hour. The use of white pigment and varnish allows for the creation of structural printouts and Braille subtitles. HANDTOP is widely used in interior decoration due to its ability to print materials such as furniture fronts.


ZUND G3 3XL 2500

ZUND G3 3XL allows for digital cutting of materials with a width up to 5mm, including PVC, cardboard, thin foam, photo wallpaper, foil, magnetic material, textiles, plastic, and leather. d roll. The modern ICC camera ensures pe􀆰ect cu􀆳ing precision. All of this is done with Swiss precision and in a maximum format of 3050x2500mm. The device allows for cutting materials directly from a previously printed roll. The modern ICC camera ensures perfect cutting precision. The modern ICC camera ensures pe􀆰ect cu􀆳ing precision.


ZUND G3 XL 3200

ZUND G3 XL 3200 is designed for cu􀆳ing harder materials with widths from 5mm to 19mm. Thanks to its 3.6kW milling machine, it can handle materials like PVC, composites, wood, MDF, plywood, and acrylics perfectly. The maximum format is 2050x3050mm. ZUND G3 also has the option of chamfering milling and the V-cut (angled cutting) for producing passe-partouts on demand. Its modern ICC camera ensures perfect cutting precision, and it allows for markings using Braille’s alphabet.


EuroLaser CO2 XL 3200

The EuroLaser CO2 XL-3200 laser plotter has a working area of 3050x2100mm and a power of 200W, making it the largest in the XL series. Its large dimensions allow for processing of large material formats, and it is designed for cutting plywood, acrylics, MDF, carpet tiles, and textiles with precision. The ICC camera allows for precise cutting of printouts. The EuroLaser is widely used in the automotive industry for cutting filters and gaskets.


GLS Hybrid

The Laser GLS Hybrid allows for engraving on smaller materials such as plywood, plexiglass, and laminates, or engraving foils with a maximum format of 960x610mm. It’s ideal for marking gadgets such as pens, boxes, ID tags, and keyrings. The device is primarily used in the HoReCa industry for producing plates and markings, often by engraving laminates and plexiglass. It also offers the possibility of deep and precise 3D engraving.


Automatic Letter Bender

The Automatic Letter Bender is an automated machine for bending aluminum strips, which enables precise and strong bending of aluminum strips for 3D letters. With the help of the ZUND G3, we can produce a complete set for making illuminated letters and spatial elements.